In Hong Kong, domestic helper serve a vital role. They help us take care of our families and household chores, enabling us to focus providing for our family’s financial needs.If you are planning to employ a domestic helper for the  future, you must also consider buying her an Insurance. Many  insurances that we hear for domestic helper  covers most the expenses, like medical expenses due to accident,  sickness resulting in hospitalisation in Hong Kong. Accident and sickness happen anytime so make sure to buy  your  helpers insurance to cover   your liability too. This is a legal requirement under the employee ordinance. A domestic helper has the same benefits as other workers here in hong Kong.  Keep in mind that our helpers will become a part of our family and it require for an employer to provide the helper free medical treatment. Buying a insurance for helper is required by Hong Kong  law as an employer. An employer who fails to comply with the ordinance to secure an insurance cover commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a maximum fine of $100,000 and imprisonment to two years. For as long as they are working for your family she/he may under your responsibility.

Hong kong govement strongly recommends that employers obtain a comprehensive health insurance policy for their domestic helper. Beyond this recommendation, employers are bound by the SAR’s Employees’ compensation Ordinance,  which outlines their official obligations.


When its comes to obtaining Insurance for helper, its up to you decide. Get a plan with the minimum benefits in order to cover your liability, or get more comprehensive plan with benefits that go beyond govement requirements.

Other aspects of domestic helper insurance plans that should be aware of are:

  • Direct billing: Check to see if the plans you are considering have direct billing. This makes processing claims much easier for the employer, as the insurance company will simply pay medical bills directly, rather than remunerating you for bills you have already paid out of pocket. In this case you could always ask your insurance agent.
  • Driving duties: If your domestic helper will be responsible for driving your family vehicle, this will likely increase premiums, so take this into account when deciding on your helpers duties. Do note that domestic helper insurance does not provide motor insurance coverage for your helper, so arrangements will also need to be made with your motor insurance provider. Also, some insurers will not provide insurance for helpers that will be driving in Hong Kong, so options will be more limited.
  • Gardening/yard work: Much like with driving, some insurers will not insure helpers that will be performing gardening duties around the home, thus limiting the insurance policies you can choose from.
  • Length of coverage: Maid insurance plans typically are offered on one year or two year terms. Opting for the longer of the two options will lead to savings in the long run.


  • Employer’s Liability

Protect the employer against liabilities when the domestic worker sustain bodily injury by accident or disease arising out of and in the course of employment

  • Personal Accident

Cover your domestic helper during rest days in Hong Kong for accidental death or permanent disablement

  • Hospitalization & Surgical Expenses

Cover the surgical fees and operating theatre charges when your domestic helper is staying in a hospital

  • Outpatient Benefits

Provide network outpatient benefits to your domestic helper at designated panel doctors

  • Repatriation Expenses

Protect the employer against the liability to repatriate the domestic worker back to his/her country of origin in the event of death or certified medical unfitness for continuous employment

  • Replacement Expenses

Cover the expense required to employ a replacement helper when your domestic helper is repatriated due to accident, death or serious injury

  • Domestic Helper Liability

Cover the legal liability in the event of his/her negligence causing third-party bodily injury or property damage

  • Fidelity Protection

Cover the loss caused by dishonest acts committed by the domestic helper..

As an employer you will decide what\'s the best option for both you and the helper.